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HOOP SHOT Online is PATENTED design of the latest technology to fulfil the upcoming demands of the social media network. With built-in Bluetooth and cloud base application, we can leave limitations of the conventional arcade behind. It has no limitations on where you are or your friends are. There are many different game options. You can play single, double or multi-player game; online or offline; points combat or goal achievements. You can share your top score or achievements on the most popular social media networks.




You need to have a compatible arcade machine that works with HOOP SHOT Online. Please check the compatible page to get more information.


Go to Apple Store or Google Play to download the app.


Connect to your smart phone or tablet. If you have any connection problem, please check our VIDEO instruction or FAQ or send us an e-mail.


Register to be our member. Every arcade machine provides 4 free user accounts.


Ready to play HOOP SHOT Online.



Score enough points on the first round and you get the chance to play up to 3 more rounds. Each round is set with different goal points. Pick and shoot, clock is clicking! Every shot made in the last 15 seconds counts for 3 points. It is designed to boot up your scores. The APP records your highest scores and latest scores. It also shows your world ranking and different awards are available for personal achievement.

Are you on fire today? Each time you have 3 seconds to score the point. The game stops when you fail at buzzer. It is designed to challenge your accuracy and confidence level. It records your highest scores and latest scores. Different awards for personal achievement are available.

New to the Arcade? Training provides 10 different level that you can play with our e-coachs. Complete 10 levels and you are ready to compete the best from the world


Join a room or create your own room.  Are you ready to challenge others?

This arcade game is the only combat game available in a Multiplayer mode and it is the same as arcade game for Single Player and you can play up to 4 rounds.  Each player’s score is shown on the App in real
time.  The highest score in the group is shown on Hoop Shot Online Smart Scoreboard in real time as well.
Different awards for personal achievement are available.


No time to play with friend or can not find your friend online?

Now, you can send your challenge to your friends or ready to be challenged.

Offline Challenge is available in the arcade game. It is design to be played up to 4 rounds. Choose a friend first and select challenge. After the game finish, your score and invitation will send to your friend’s account. Wait for the result.
When you are challenged, you can take it or leave it. Accept the challenge, you start the game with your friend. Your friend’s score will be played on scoreboard. Offline challenge records whole score process. It will replay the score process to make you feel play live with your friend.

Lost a game! Just a cold hand! You can re-challenge your friend immediately after a game. All the result is recorded in your personal profile.


You can see the top 200 in the world, country and friend ranking list. Arcade and Single Ball has its own ranking list

Check it out to find out where you are.


Collecting your medals.  
Hoop Shot Online provides many different achievements.  
Earn your ticket to our Hall of Fame.


Are you ready to win the prize on our Coliseum Match?

Coliseum announces a match by sending out the invitations to our Hoop Shot Online Members.
Just click accept, you are in the game!
You only has one chance to prove you are better than others.

Submit your points and video, and win our big prize.


Use up all 4 free accounts. You can go to shop to purchase additional accounts.











Q: How to connect the arcade with my smart phone?
A: On the Arcade, you will find a switch on the scoreboard. Please switch to Bluetooth mode and you will see the Bluetooth sign shown on the machine. Then open the Bluetooth in smart phone, enter into the Hoop Shot Online App. The App will connect with scoreboard automatically.

Q: How to make sure the Bluetooth connected successfully?
A: If it didn’t connect successfully, the Bluetooth sign in the scoreboard will keep flashing. If connect successfully, the Bluetooth sign will keep on.

Q: Can not connect to Bluetooth? What if?
A: Please check if you switch the arcade to Bluetooth mode. Please make sure the Bluetooth function on your smart phone or tablet is turned on and the internet is connected well.

Q: Can’t create room or join room?
A: Please make sure the internet is connected. Please log out the App and re-log in to create room or join room

Q: When we play online, we can’t get the others’ score in the right side on the scoreboard. But Apps displays the others’ score.
A: Please make sure the internet is connected well.

Q: The actual score didn’t match the score in the scoreboard or APPs
A: Please make sure the internet is connected well.


Q: App can not be started?
A: Please make sure your smart phone or tablet is connected to Internet.

Q: Can’t register an account? What if?
A: Please make sure you fill in all personal information and enter the serial no. correctly. Please kindly note the upper letter and lower latter. If still can’t, please contact us.

Q: What if you forget the password?
A: If you register via Facebook or Twitter, please contact them. If you register by filling your personal information, please email us at

Q: You can’t login via Twitter? What if?
A: Please make sure that you already installed the Twitter App in your smart phone. You need to login in the Twitter first and send tweet, so the App will recognize your Twitter. Lastly, please login via Twitter.

Q: How many players can play in the same room?
A: Multi Players allow you to create or join a room. Two or more person but not more than 5 persons can play in the same room.

Q: When two or more person but not more than 5 persons are ready in the room, but can’t be started?
A: Only the created room person can start the game.

Q: How many records can I see on the world ranking list?
A: You can view the top 200.


Q: The Bluetooth, scores in the scoreboard disconnected, or scoreboard don’t count the scores, but App works well. Why?
A: Please restart the scoreboard. Or please re-install the batteries and make sure it had been installed tightly.

Q: How to get a 5th user account?
A: Every Sportcraft Cyber Arcade comes with 4 free accounts, same as Hoop Shot Online Smart Scoreboard accessories. You can also purchase an account from Google Play or Apple Store.


Please use the form below or email us at